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[12 Jun 2010|01:09pm]
Okay. Whoever sent me a lemur anonymously on here? THANKS DUDE YOU'RE MY HERO <3
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[26 Mar 2010|01:53pm]

& yeah, a word from your host:

I'm Margo but prefer to be known as just simply Mar. I am 23 & live in Buffalo, NY. English major whose career will eventually end up in journalism & hopefully, writing. It's funny when you write out these things you're never sure what to say so I'll just say this for now: I like my music (really) loud & my life to be colorful. I always put enthusiasm into almost anything & am generally an easygoing person. Every day is an adventure & I sure as hell make mine out to be one.


I am a sucker for plaid button-ups, denim shorts, flip-flops, boho tanks, etc.. Sunglasses is the only permanent accessory on me & I love putting up my hair in crazy ponytails. & ah, music. I listen to trip-hop, classical, prog rock, classical rock, psychedelic & all that jazz. The superhero mythology rules, I love comic books. I am a movie buff & films are my steroids. Books are cool & I tend to reach for modernistic period shtuff. I literally drink a Slurpee every day & the same can be said about coffee.



Heights, snobs, spicy foods, game shows, dicks, ignorance, racism/homophobia/prejudice, etc. Probably more. I'll have to think about it.


If you're interested in friending me, go for it. My journal entries tend to be about randomness that occurs through my day (whose really isn't?) , my crazy/dysfunctional Pakastani & American families, all glorious music & well, I guess you're just gonna have to take a peek. Curious? Just comment below or add me. Either way, I'd like to hear from you.

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